To The Extrema Vol.2

To The Extrema 2Extrema Global Music comes back fighting with Volume 2 of “To The Extrema”. This album is pumping with adrenaline and trance steroids and is designed to raise your physical performance to maximum levels!

This perfect accompaniment to your fitness regime includes pedal to the metal tracks from Pinkque, Mostfa & Mostfa, Divisional Phrase, Sean Mathews, Darren Porter, Manuel Le Saux, Allan Morrow and many more.

You are under starters orders – So get in to the blocks, on your marks, get set …. and GO!!


01 Manuel Le Saux, Darren Porter – Stormchaser
02 XB, Manuel Le Saux – Overture of Angels
03 Miroslav Vrlik – Saturns Rings
04 Dark Air – Prism
05 Hypaethrame – Savior
06 Allen Morrow feat. Sophie Way – Why We Do This
07 Paul Todd – XONE (Astuni Remix)
08 Sean Mathews – Samurai
09 Andy Elliass – The Specialist
10 Paul Todd – XONE
11 Dark Air – Opalescence
12 Mostfa & Mostfa – Armageddon
13 Divisional Phrase – Sigma
14 Pinkque – Reborn
15 Peter Smith – Zeal

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