Jardin - Vision

Jardin – Vision

2019-11-21 Danny Cadeau 0

ShareTweetShareSharePinIt’s essential for an artist to have a clear vision of their art. Jardin is giving us exclusive insight on his sights and sounds with […]

Jardin - Redline

Jardin – Redline

2018-01-30 Danny Cadeau 48

ShareTweetShareSharePinSo, let’s take stock… So far this January VANDIT have served you ‘Summer Love Story’ from Alex M.O.R.P.H. (“heartening elevation” concurred EDMSauce) and Talla 2XLC’s […]

Jardin - U-Bahn

Jardin – U-Bahn

2017-04-29 TranceFamily 0

ShareTweetShareSharePinHang about… we think we spy a pattern emerging here! With his “Suicide Circus” debut raising a salute to the eponymous Berlin nightspot, Jardin warms […]

Jardin - Suicide Circus

Jardin – Suicide Circus

2016-11-23 TranceFamily 1

ShareTweetShareSharePinBerlin’s label-legionnaires drop a new name into November’s release equation. So what can we tell you about VANDIT’s Mr. Mystery Guest?! Well, he goes by […]