Super8 & Tab – Cosmo

Super8 & Tab - Cosmo

Super8 & Tab - CosmoAfter a hugely successful 2016 and a steady flow of great releases, Super8 & Tab are back with a new smash. A definite highlight of their live set at the main stage of A State Of Trance 800 Utrecht and exclusively featured on Armin van Buuren’s forthcoming “A State Of Trance 2017” compilation, “Cosmo” is the latest masterpiece from the Finnish duo. Known for their ability to craft tunes that leave a lasting impression, the pair produced a record that is as captivating as it is original. Flirting with sounds from their 2016 smash “Mega” and the classic “Helsinki Scorchin”, but bringing a new twist, “Cosmo” puts Super8 & Tab back on the map for 2017.

01 Super8 & Tab – Cosmo

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