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Who’s Afraid Of 138?! (Vol. 2) Mixed by Coming Soon!!! & Ben Nicky

wao138-vol-2After the inception of the Who’s Afraid of 138?! notion in 2013, it has grown from an inside joke on Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radio show to a concept that has spread to all corners of the world without even breaking a sweat. Bringing together likeminded people with a sound that’s both distinctive and beloved amongst its fans, it unites people in a way unheard of before. So why not bring back the mighty Who’s afraid of 138?! compilation back for round two.

Mixed by none other than Coming Soon!!! and Ben Nicky, the compilation features bulldozing tunes from both of them alongside highly energetic cuts from the likes of Simon Patterson, Bryan Kearney, Standerwick, Will Atkinson, and many more. Completely capturing all that Who’s Afraid Of 138?! stands for in a seamless blend of thrilling basslines, marvelous melodies and spellbinding atmospheres, Who’s Afraid Of 138?! (Vol. 2) is undoubtedly one of this year’s highlights for the dedicated trance crowds. And that’s where it’s made inexplicably clear that you are definitely NOT afraid of 138?!!


Disc 1 – Mixed by Coming Soon!!!

01. Coming Soon feat. Michele Adamson – Keeping The Faith (Radio Edit) (3:37)
02. Coming Soon – Ghetto Rebels (Radio Edit) (3:40)
03. Coming Soon – The Place (Radio Edit) (3:47)
04. Coming Soon – Badass Disco (Radio Edit)) (3:32)
05. Bryan Kearney – Wake Up Call (Radio Edit) (2:30)
06. Coming Soon – Trance Powder (Radio Edit) (4:00)
07. Coming Soon – Innocence Lost (Radio Edit) (3:23)
08. Simon Patterson – Apex (Radio Edit) (3:45)
09. Eddie Bitar – Evil Child (Radio Edit) (3:05)
10. Coming Soon & Vini Vici – Mad (Radio Edit) (3:41)
11. Coming Soon. Bryan Kearney – Activate (Radio Edit) (3:45)
12. Aly & Fila With Ferry Tayle – Napoleon (Radio Edit) (3:25)
13. Coming Soon – Become One (Interactive Noise Radio Edit) (4:06)
14. Coming Soon – Fluid Karma (Radio Edit) (3:25)
15. Coming Soon – Its On (Radio Edit) (3:58)
16. Coming Soon – Stand Up (Radio Edit) (3:13)
17. Coming Soon – I Only Smoke (Radio Edit) (2:53)
18. Full Continuous Mix By Coming Soon (74:14)

Disc 2 – Mixed by Ben Nicky

19. Vini Vici – Talking With Ufos (Ben Nicky Radio Edit) (3:46)
20. Darwish & Sub6 & On3 – Sun Stormer (Radio Edit) (3:48)
21. Lee Osborne feat. Roxanne Emery – Safe In The Sky (Cold Rush Radio Edit) (3:05)
22. Ben Nicky – Red Alert (Radio Edit) (3:47)
23. Simon Patterson feat. Sarah Howells – Dissolve (Freedom Fighters Radio Edit) (3:30)
24. Ben Nicky feat. Chloe Stamp – Brave Heart (Radio Edit) (3:34)
25. Standerwick & Philippe El Sisi feat. Ana Criado – Magic Light (Radio Edit) (3:23)
26. Reorder & Standerwick pres. Skypatrol – Shut Up (Radio Edit) (3:36)
27. Bryan Kearney pres. Karney – Say Nothing (Radio Edit) (3:11)
28. Reorder & Lee Osborne With Roxanne Emery – Where You Hide (Radio Edit) (3:25)
29. Ben Nicky – 680 (Radio Edit) (4:13)
30. Paul Denton & Project 8 – Decipher (Radio Edit) (3:23)
31. Ben Nicky & James Dymond – Refresh (Radio Edit) (3:30)
32. Ben Nicky & Standerwick – Drop (Radio Edit) (3:34)
33. Alex Morph feat. Ana Criado – Sunset Boulevard (Ben Nicky Radio Edit) (3:34)
34. Waveform – Awake (Radio Edit) (3:56)
35. Will Atkinson – Through Spirit (Radio Edit) (3:23)
36. Full Continuous Mix By Ben Nicky (77:16)


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