“The Journey – JOOF Editions 3” mixed by John 00 Fleming

"The Journey - JOOF Editions 3" mixed by John 00 Fleming

"The Journey - JOOF Editions 3" mixed by John 00 Fleming“Open-till-close” is a term John 00 Fleming shies from these days. Aside from being “just the latest bandwagon in electronic music”, it in someway also implies ‘limitation’, something he’s never seen real dance music as having. Thus the third JOOF Editions release has adopted the far more open-ended/minded prefix of ‘The Journey’.

“Playing longer sets isn’t about spending more hours behind the decks”, says John. “It’s about plot and planning. Reading, not where the floor’s going to be in 5 minutes, but the consensus on where it should be in 40 mins or an hour. It’s about trajectory. It’s about ebb, flow, nuance and subtle stylistic traverse. In many ways it’s the last true DJ art form and for many years now it’s been the most challenging, thrilling and rewarding part of what I do. ‘JOOF Editions’ albums are my testaments to that”.

Arterially, between ‘The Journey’s trance highways and progressive byways, tech, psy, deep house, tribal, and techno all exist and flow. A constantly shifting soundscape where no one can be absolutely certain what texture will be introduced next.

Tonally, the first hour supplies the relative calm that prefaces the storm. ‘The Road To Nothing’ from Sweden’s Solar Fields yields to Matt Holliday’s latest AURA outing ‘Multiverse’ and Mandy Jones’ brooding vocal turn on Manu Riga’s ‘Disconnected’. Deeper in, the gothic prog of Tim Penner’s take on Gai Barone’s ‘Mom’s Clown’, Rick Pier O’Neil’s ‘Misty Rising’ and the tribal rumble of JOOF newie ‘Spirit Awaking’ add to its delectably moody ether. By degrees, hour two sees the stylistic envelope open. With ‘Tiger’ & ‘Reflection’, the pairing of Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor make two appearances in short order. The crisp percussive groove of ‘The Temptress’ from Tim Penner quickens the mix-pulse, as does Anton Chernikov & Digital Blonde’s ‘Omega’. Closing out its second hour, Italy’s Enrico Sangiuliano takes Moby’s ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad’ on an extraordinary darkside ride into techno-land.

From that point, the longer drawn pads and synths start to establish more of a presence, as the mix locks into its third hour. The Fuel Terrace rework of Airwave’s ‘The Quest For Beauty’ and John’s own (album-exclusive) ‘This Restless Planet’ cede to the piano diffusion of Gai Barone’s superb ‘Love Stimulation’ remake. The stark discordant bagpipes of Decode’s ‘Skychaser’ and cursive synths of ‘Amphibian’ by Gordey Tsukanov meanwhile continue to push ‘The Journey’s tempo and temperature.

With the Reaky mix of Sean Tyas’ ‘Ambush’, ‘Dusk’ courtesy of Will Atkinson and the Alex Di Stefano rewiring of Max Graham’s ‘Amnesia’, ‘The Journey’ touches some of its most turbulent mainline moments. Setting up for a big finale, John drops The Digital Blonde’s propellant ‘Symposium’, his own Psy-sided ‘Desert Rider’ and ‘I See The Spirit’ remix. The big bass tones of Lostly’s Remix of Christopher Lawrence’s ‘Banshee’ disperse to meet John’s closeout number – the edgy, abstruse Ambient mix of ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Night’.

A musical jigsaw, a sonic mosaic, a can’t-miss experience, ‘The Journey’ passages darker corridors, emerges into light-filled rooms… and then heads straight back down the rabbit hole again. Entertained? You will be!

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1 Solar Fields – The Road To Nothingness
2 Anthony G – Nestinari (RPO Remix)
3 Suprsi – Mellifluous
4 Matt Holliday – Multiverse
5 Manu Riga & Mandy Jones – Disconnected
6 Organic Function – Benign
7 Robert Babicz – Auralphase (Cid Inc. Vs Darin Epsilon Remix)
8 Gai Barone – Moms Clown (Tim Penner Remix)
9 Pat Siaz – VIKHR (Kapshul Remix)
10 Rick Pier ONeil – Misty Rising
11 John 00 Fleming – Spirit Awaking
12 Tim Penner – The Temptress
13 Paul Hamilton – Time (Subandrio Remix)
14 Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor – Tiger
15 Paul Thomas – Sunrise (21street Remix)
16 Anton Chernikov & Digital Blonde – Omega
17 Rick Pier ONeil – This Way Up
18 Skaivox – Spica (Original Mix)
19 Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)
20 Volto Tesla – Trepanation (Unstoppable Remix)
21 Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor – Reflection (Extended Mix)
22 Gordey Tsukanov – Amphibian
23 Airwave – The Quest For Beauty (Fuel Terrace Remix)
24 The Digital Blonde – Earth Tone
25 John 00 Fleming – This Restless Planet
26 Gai Barone – Love Stimulation
27 Decode – Skychaser (Facade Remix)
28 Anza Off & Sopik – Air Force (IGor Remix)
29 Shaun Mauren – My Dream (Eric Sneo Remix- John 00 Fleming 2017 Re-Edit)
30 Sean Tyas – Ambush (Reaky Remix)
31 Eeemus – Dunes Of Kaatrah
32 Will Atkinson – Dusk
33 Max Graham – Amnesia (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
34 Ticon – Extreme Memories
35 Amygdala – Soaring Flux
36 Robert Elster – Recrystallization
37 Steve Birch – Psilocybin Soul
38 Ticon – Entropy
39 Sinerider & Materia – Supercell
40 Daniel Lesden – The Dream Of Electric Sheep
41 The Digital Blonde – Symposium
42 John 00 Fleming – Desert Rider
43 Liquid Soul – I See The Spirit (John 00 Fleming Remix)
44 Ovnimoon – You Can Do This (Feat Sonidos Alupran)
45 Robert Vadney & Chris Oblivion – Lost Language (Stripped Mix)
46 Side Winder – Darvox (Satinka Remix)
47 Visua And Duendo Matka – The Theory
48 Relativ – Back To Infinity
49 BPM – Yearning
50 Christopher Lawrence – Banshee (Lostly Remix)
51 John 00 Fleming – Last Night A DJ Saved My Night (Ambient Mix)


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