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Pierre Pienaar pres. Melodia – Bliss (Uplifting Mix)

The uplifting mix of 'Bliss' is out on Magic Island Elevate! Get your copy here: magicisland.complete.me/bliss

Pierre Pienaar & Rob Dalby – Diverge

The days are hot and so is the sound presented by Pierre Pienaar and Rob Dalby for the last days of August. DIVERGE is...

Paul van Dyk – Escape Reality

On April 17 of 2020, Paul van Dyk will release his next long-form music project. It won’t however be the one you were expecting....

Pierre Pienaar & Dirkie Coetzee – Namandla

This massive uplifter is made all the way south in Africa. Created by the owner of We Are Trance in South Africa, Dirkie Coetzee,...

Pierre Pienaar & Nicholson – Spark

This is Now. Now is all there is. Don't wait for things to happen. Strike the spark, light the fire. Get your copy here: beatport.com/release/spark-extended/2721769

Pierre Pienaar – Matahari

Achieving big through his solo ‘Higher State’ release and the show-stopping Paul van Dyk team-up ‘Stronger Together’, Pierre Pienaar ranked up last year. When...

Paul van Dyk & Pierre Pienaar – Stronger Together

Holiday flights are airborne, Ibiza's floors are heaving, festival season's in high gear and the weather, well, it seems to be done disgracing itself...

Pierre Pienaar – Higher State

Through his earlier studio days, his tougher-trance era and his Nukleuz-released works under the P.H.A.T.T. moniker, there are those who'll have been listening to...

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Ronski Speed – Greyskull

It's just landed on the mighty Subculture.. Massive track here from Ronski Speed !

Sholan – Geordie Rush!

It’s time for Mr Energy himself, Gareth Sholan Harding to emerge once more here on Nocturnal Knights with what may well just be his...

Liam Melly – Sharp Objects

Liam Melly’s new single Sharp Objects is a perfect example of just what this young Irishman can cook up in his studio! A classic...

Alan Morris – Intergalactic Journey

Alan Morris is no stranger to Subculture. He returns yet again with his new solo single ‘Intergalactic Journey’.