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TranceFamily Interview with Roger Shah

Roger-Pierre Shah begann seine Karriere 1996. 1999 veröffentlichte er mit Claps seine erste Single und erzielte erste Chart-Erfolge in den europäischen Dance-Charts. Inzwischen konnte...

Magic Island: Music For Balearic People Vol. 6 – Mixed By Roger Shah

Over its lifetime, the Magic Island series has come to typify the antithesis of the phoned-in ‘Ibiza’ compilation, which crowd-out stores throughout summer. They’re...

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Ronski Speed – Greyskull

It's just landed on the mighty Subculture.. Massive track here from Ronski Speed !

Sholan – Geordie Rush!

It’s time for Mr Energy himself, Gareth Sholan Harding to emerge once more here on Nocturnal Knights with what may well just be his...

Liam Melly – Sharp Objects

Liam Melly’s new single Sharp Objects is a perfect example of just what this young Irishman can cook up in his studio! A classic...

Alan Morris – Intergalactic Journey

Alan Morris is no stranger to Subculture. He returns yet again with his new solo single ‘Intergalactic Journey’.