Rodg – Evocations

Instantly recognizable in every shape or form, the sound of Rodg has been cementing its spot in the upper tiers of the music scene in the past few years. A staple in the progressive realm and a frequent visitor in the worlds beyond, the trademark sonics of the Dutchman are designed to help listeners seize the moment, to build on the most beautiful memories and blissfully recall the twinkles of the past. These precious ‘Evocations’ shine through in every aspect of his music, and have become the building blocks of his third solo album.

A presence that completely covers the progressive-oriented parts of the electronic music spectrum, ‘Evocations’ brings forth some of Rodg’s most captivating creations to date. From collaborations with the likes of Maxim Lany, Dezza and Super8 & Tab to instant fan favorites such as ‘Crossroads’, ‘Definite Form’ and title track ‘Evocations’, the album touches on the everlasting memories of all who listen, offering them the chance to relive those amazing moments in the best possible way.

With Rodg’s signature sound, you’ll find yourself both drawing from the past and reaching for the future. And that’s exactly what makes this brand-new album essential for every dance music fan.


01 Rodg x Sarah de Warren – Do It All Again
02 Rodg x Maxim Lany – So Clear
03 Rodg x Lyonheart – Follow Me
04 Rodg – Elements
05 Rodg – Night Rider
06 Rodg – Definite Form
07 Rodg x Dezza – With You
08 Rodg – Evocations
09 Rodg – Want Love
10 Rodg x J1mmy – Block Nine
11 Rodg – Crossroads
12 Rodg x Super8 & Tab – Soundcheck

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