Push – From Beyond (Remastered)

20 years on from its original release, Push – From Beyond is being given a remaster and a fresh CD press. Mike Dierickx’s Push guise is a world-renowned name in the many facets of dance music, particularly within the trance genre.

Since 1994 this guy has been putting out top quality sounds, from Acid Hysteria to Da Story. Surprisingly – for an artist who had been around for a long time – his first album didn’t arrive until 2000.

From Beyond showcases multiple trance hits from Push such as Universal Nation, Travelogue, Strange World, The Legacy and Tranzy State Of Mind as well as the emotionally charged Till We Meet Again which Mike penned for his friend, the late great Marino Stephano who was on his way to meet Mike for some studio time when he was involved in a tragic accident. Check this one out, update your collection and discover Mike’s melodic touches and driving trance grooves.


01 Push – Elegance
02 Push – Electro Fever
03 Push – Universal Nation (Album Mix)
04 Push – Strange World (Album Mix)
05 Push – Travelogue
06 Push – Cosmonautica
07 Push – Till We Meet Again
08 Push – Tranzy State Of Mind
09 Push – The Legacy
10 Push – Live on
11 Push – Outro

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