Pure NRG “Secret Of The Sahara”

Pure-NRG-Secret-Of-The-SaharaIt started in spring 2015 with ‘Pump Up The NRG’ and continued last autumn with ‘Era’. Now though – through ‘Secret Of The Sahara’, those PureNRG boys have primed their biggest single drop yet… literally!

Under their shared pseudonym, trance-producers extraordinaire Solarstone & Ottaviani are back, with a track that’s every bit as much about ‘the Epic’ as it is ‘the Energy’! For their third studio opus, the pair have created something very special indeed, and one that has a lot more to it than first meets the ear…

Pure NRG – The New Single – Secret Of The Sahara here today through Beatport

Bristling with kick-drum thunder, fired by irresistible bass resonance and elevated by equatorially hot harmonic sub-riffs, ‘Sahara’ fair bursts with eastern promise.

A substantial Secret does indeed lie within ‘Sahara’s midsection… Its extraordinary full chamber orchestra accompanying breakdown, full of chest swelling lifts, sweeps and drifting string pathos will take you to musical places far and wide.

Its exact providence, well, we can’t divulge… If you know your music, and we mean really know your music, you may well be the one that unearths the secret in the ‘Secret Of The Sahara’!

01: ‘Secret Of The Sahara’ (Original Mix)





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