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James Cottle – Delphic

James CottleIn electronic music terms, neophyte James Cottle has only been out of the gate five minutes. That though hasn’t stopped him from delivering one club-smasher after another, whilst booking gigs at some of the world’s biggest festivals (Nature One being just the latest).

Collectively, “Opener”, “Risky Business”, “Rudimental” and “Kesselhaus” have already rained a euphoric trance firestorm unto clubfloors, but here at VANDIT, we reckon “Delphic” – his latest – is set to out-rock the lot.

Powered by a potent tempo, through its storm-approaching drums, coursing sub-riffs and infecting percussion, James’ fifth starts exactly as it means to go on.

The real devil’s in Delphic’s detail though and Mr. Cottle leaves no studio stone unturned in his pursuit of cool production licks and smart arrangement tweaks for it. Nuance, element and extra texture all combine with its top-of-the-food-chain mainline to take this uplifter to dizzying heights.

01 James Cottle – Delphic (Original Mix)

Get your copy here: www.beatport.com/release/delphic/2103487


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