Danny Cadeau & Chris Copper – Tulum

Danny Cadeau & Chris Copper - Tulum

Ready for a no-holds-barred rip along the euphoric trance highway this week? Course you are, and we’ve got just the fuel for it! Fingers ever present on new talent pulse, Extrema have tapped up promising nu-bloods Danny Cadeau & Chris Copper with their debut release, “Tulum”.

Featured on the sixth in their “Rising Stars” EP series, “Tulum” conspires to create peaktime clubfloor eruption from the off. With a tempo more measured in bhp than bpm, its business-minded beats, infectious percussive loops and snare flair put it quickly into overdrive. The devil is in the detail though and Danny & Chris doesn’t miss an opportunity to work neat production licks and smart arrangement tweaks into its production. As the synths rise from the drop’s melodic depths, “Tulum” goes all-out for its critical mass conclusion.

Get your copy here: bit.ly/dc-tulum


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