Bonzai pres. “In The Mix 002: Audio Noir”

Audio-Noir-In-The-Mix-002Following last year’s outstanding, bar-setting series-opener from Airwave, Audio Noir accepts Bonzai’s ‘In The Mix’ baton-pass and heads up their second ‘Progressive Sessions’.

Over the last few years, the enigmatic Australian has built up a release-oeuvre that’s been as considerable as it’s been impressive. Most recently, his ‘Progressive Tales 2’ EP proved to be yet another example of both his musical savvy and – across its three tracks – heterogeneous styling. Having released his ‘Artificial Star’ album debut last year, through ‘In The Mix 002’, Audio Noir turns his attentions to another career ‘first’. Like his own music, his debut mix-comp outing will leave you in no doubt about Noir’s nature… A DJ unafraid to climb out onto the musical ledge, through it he has developed two fantastic exploratory, expeditionary-even mixes.

To compile them, he’s been on an extensive without-borders trek – painstakingly curating the most cutting edge tracks, often inked fresh from their producers’ studios.

Many of those sourced and compiled are only classifiable in the broadest of terms – ‘deep house’, ‘progressive’, ‘trance’, ‘techno’ and other expressions scarcely doing them justice. Others meanwhile transcend categorization entirely, making the album something unique and wholly out on its own. Channelling the spirit of Northern Exposure and the early Global Underground outings, Audio Noir freethinking mix-approach will challenge, thrill and satisfy to equal extents.

Listen to Audio Noir’s ‘In The Mix – Progressive Sessions 002’ via Bonzai Progressive’s Soundcloud channel here

Part one of its two stage safari begins to build a picture of the Australian’s musical tastes. From the stark gothic-isms and dark bass rumble of its opening strains, it progresses onwards with swirling melodies, chunky drums and ethereal vocals. Latterly it encompasses rolling grooves, progressive thump, cruising synths and galactic harmonies – each brilliantly programmed & expertly sequenced. Throughout you’ll be treated to a peerless collection of tracks and remixes from soundcrafters like Manu Riga, Tru Thoughts, Moonbeam, Sound Quelle, Dofamine, Alex Vidal, Ben Coda and others. Also inline are new remix treatments of recent Audio Noir material, including fresh Airwave, Forerunners and Yuriy From Russia interpretations.

Part 2 addresses later night demands and shows the more floor-focussed side of Audio Noir’s psyche. In his crosshairs are fluid sounds & melodies, locked into infectious grooves, all of which will dig deep into your soul. A super-tight mix, it sports tracks and remixes from the likes of Airwave, Dark Soul Project, Ruslan Vashkevich, Rise and Fall, Nico Parisi, Prelude, Luciano Delgado, Euphoric Traveller, Sylvering, AK/DK and others Music with which to step outside your comfort zone (and reap the rewards therein), Audio Noir’s In The Mix – Progressive Sessions 002’ is out on May 30th.


Mix 1:
01. Manu Delago featuring Rahel – Chemical Reaction
02. Twenty_Forty_Six_Yoky_Playground_Remix Lux Departure
03. Moonbeam featuring Loolacoma – Black Skies (Extended Mix)
04. Dofamine – Moon
05. AudioStorm – Differences (Ewan Rill Remix)
06. Audio Noir – Paris After Midnight (Forerunners Remix)
07. Sound Quelle – Allarg (Original Mix)
08. Juan Astudillo – The Drum (Original Mix)
09. Alex Vidal – Distant Lights – Original Mix
10. Manu Riga – When Worlds Collide – Alex Vidal Inner Void Remix
11. Audio Noir – Revelation – Yuriy From Russia Remix
12. Phi Phi & Roddy Circulation (Original Mix)
13. These Days (Original Mix) Ben Coda
14. MIX 001

Mix 2:
15. Resonant Dawn – Prelude
16. Wind (Original Mix) – Dofamine
17. Looking Forward (Original Mix) – Rise & Fall
18. We Are Not Alone (Nico Parisi Mix) – Dark Soul Project & Mathov
19. Virtuoso – Luciano Delgado
20. Underwater (Tommi Oskari Remix) – Diyo
21. Forgotten (Dub Version) – Manu Riga
22. No Way Out – Dofamine
23. Hyper Space – Ruslan Vashkevich
24. When Worlds collide – Manu Riga & Alex Vidal
25. One More Night (Airwave Mix) – Audio Noir
26. Unravel (AK/DK Square Knot Mix)- The Seshen
27. Cabrillo Hwy – Euphonic Traveller
28. Is There Anybody Out There? – Sylvering
29. MIX 002

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