Markus Schulz pres. Dakota & Koen Groeneveld – Mota-Mota

Markus Schulz pres. Dakota & Koen Groeneveld – Mota-Mota


February 28th, 2017

Markus Schulz pres. Dakota & Koen Groeneveld - Mota-MotaThe hissing vent of the open hi-hat, the smack of the clap, metal-on-metal percussion – something wicked this way comes. Going by the name “Mota-Mota”, its deeper bass frequencies underpin prowling rhythms, cut with truculent synths, which are spliced in turn with ethereally warped hunting horns.

It doesn’t exist in any tech/trance node or tech-house crawlspace. This is the most out-and-out techno Dakota’s dealt in eight straight years.

“Mota-Mota” is the first substance to surface from his 2017 “The Nine Skies” project. It sees Markus Schulz in production alliance with Dutch producer Koen Groeneveld (the man behind “Slides”, “1981”, “Baksteen” and Spinnin Record’s techno imprint Abzolut).

An auditory tale of the unexpected, a transonic ride to the dark side, a postcard from the musical edge – this one will scare the horses. Once more down the rabbit hole Dear Friends… and onto the floor.

Listen/buy Markus Schulz Presents Dakota & Koen Groeneveld’s ‘Mota-Mota’ here

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Markus Schulz
Markus Schulz11 hours ago
Two sensible, well behaved punx 😂
Markus Schulz
Markus Schulz was live.1 day ago
Live from ERGO ARENA
Markus Schulz
Markus Schulz
Markus Schulz2 days ago
Good luck tomorrow against your little brother! 😜👊🏻 Kevin-Prince Boateng
Markus Schulz
Markus Schulz3 days ago
It's here!!!

01. The Nine Skies Intro
02. Bravo on the Go
03. Follow Me
04. Mota-Mota
05. Who Are You
06. Searching
07. Running Up That Hill
08. Eve's Doorway
09. Edonismo
10. Kismet
11. The Way it Is
12. Cafe Del Mar
13. The Master
14. Carbonado
15. In Search of Something Better
16. Future Shock
17. The Spirit of the Warrior
18. The Ninth Sky
Markus Schulz
Markus Schulz is with Coldharbour Recordings and Transmission Festival.3 days ago
The Nine Skies 💎 Transmission Festival
Markus Schulz
Markus Schulz
Markus Schulz3 days ago
Countdown to Dakota - The Nine Skies - the brand new album out tomorrow

Live from Transmission Festival Prague - November 2017

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