VII Vol. II – Simon Patterson, Sean Tyas, Alex Di Stefano & Orkidea

Always striving for immaculate perfection in the context of audio and visual experience – VII are proud to present the second instalment of their flagship compilation series, this time with four astonishing mixes expertly compiled, arranged and blended by Simon Patterson, Sean Tyas, Alex Di Stefano and Orkidea.Four unique styles, four unique sounds, one overall ethos – to bring you the very best trance from all sides of the genre.

Packed with over 70 tracks – including 50 exclusive tracks that will only ever be available as part of this album package – VII Vol II is a veritable oasis of high quality music that includes premium productions from the likes of BT, Solarstone, John Askew, Greg Downey, Ben Gold, Yotto, Sam Jones, Everlight, David Forbes, UDM, Volcano. On Mars, Beatman & Ludmilla, Mindfold, iLai, Zach Zlov, Lost In Noise, Liam Melly, Paul Denton, Madwave, Renegade System, Metta & Glide, Marten De Jong, Asteroid, Alessandra Roncone, F.G. Noise, Allende, Sunscreem, Unterberg, Emma Hewitt, Amos & Riot Night, Mike Sanders, Briuan Flynn, Misjah Helsloot, Ray Reverse, Melvin Sheppard & Liz Wigley, Brainiac, Michael Kaelios, System Breaker, Kriss Guyte, Smith & Brown, James Kitcher and many many more.

Add to that of course a healthy dose of multiple productions from Simon, Sean, Alex & Tapio and you’re left with a collection that boasts the absolute coolest cuts in Trance that you could possibly hope to find in one spaceat any given time. This is the sonic temple of trance and you’re all welcome to enter.