Roger Shah pres. Helping Hands – A Track for Charity

Roger Shah pres. Helping Hands - A Track for Charity

During these difficult times, legendary trance producer Roger Shah felt compelled to help out with the global COVID-19 response. As a musician, he decided that the best way for him to aid would be to compose, produce and release a warm, emotional track & donate all the profits from the track towards a charitable cause. With complex & powerful chords, an emotional plucky melody, as well as his signature Balearic strings and guitars, ‘Helping Hands’ is a powerful uplifting trance anthem from Roger Shah that will take you on a journey to a more positive and hopeful state.

The track is being released independently via Bandcamp on Friday, May 15th. Listeners can stream the track for free, or download the track utilizing the platform’s “Pay What You Want” as a method of contributing to the cause. All profits from the sales of this track will be donated to the charity ‘Direct Relief‘ specifically towards COVID-19 Relief.
Direct Relief has been given one of the highest scores possible on Charity Navigator, with near-perfect scores for their financial responsibility, and their accountability & transparency. You can learn more about ‘Direct Relief’ here:

Helping Hands is available exclusively at:

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