Roger Shah & JES – Star-Crossed

Roger Shah & JES – Star-Crossed

Beating the drum for the advance his new artist album, Roger Shah gives audiences a singles-taste of what’s album-in-store come May.

“Star-crossed” reteams him with the expressive voice and every bit as illustrative songwriting of JES. Already a collaborative force to be reckoned with, the single picks up the partnership where “Higher Than The Sun” and “Glitter & Gold” left off.

Optimistic lift cautioned by emotional lament, “Star-crossed” sees the awarding winning JES portray a love confronting some real world realities. Lyrical poignancies and vocal nuance cross on a tale as lyrically affecting as it is vocally touching.

Ranged across a rich span of mixes, each of Roger’s five versions has a different time of day or night play in mind. Through its Original, Extended and Coconuts & Pineapples interpretations, Roger’s music sets its story to ever-increasing degrees of shift and samba-ish sway. Adding to its strikingly bittersweet nature, beach-oriented tempos and trop-house styles/rhythms are spun elegantly into its production.

Passaging the track to the dancefloor, Roger skilfully translates these sonic ethics into its purpose-filled Club Mix. The package’s arc reaches its natural conclusion with “Star-crossed”s Extended Uplifting Mix, which delivers an irresistibly aerodynamic peak-of-the-night option.


01 Roger Shah & JES – Star-crossed (Original Mix)
02 Roger Shah & JES – Star-crossed (Club Mix)
03 Roger Shah & JES – Star-crossed (Coconuts & Pineapples Remix)
04 Roger Shah & JES – Star-crossed (Extended Mix)
05 Roger Shah & JES – Star-crossed (Extended Uplifting Mix)

Get your copy here:

Roger Shah & JES - Star-Crossed

Danny Cadeau

May 1st, 2018

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