RAM & Indecent Noise – Grotesque Essentials Summer 2017 Edition

RAM & Indecent Noise - Grotesque Essentials Summer 2017 Edition

RAM & Indecent Noise - Grotesque Essentials Summer 2017 EditionAs summer 2017 reaches its summit, that man RAM’s on hand to deliver his seasonal résumé of his hardest grafting club tracks throughout sizzle season. For this year’s Grotesque Essentials the Netherlander’s been joined by resident Mental Asylum-ist Alexsander Stawierej, better known as Indecent Noise. Together they have complied and mixed two mighty discs, spanning 160 minutes, with 34 need-to-hear necessities.

Among them you’ll find the latest floor-whippers from scene centurions including M.I.K.E. Push, Marco V, Stoneface & Terminal, Mark Norman, Mark Sherry, Solarstone and Max Graham. The newer trance guard are equally well represented too, with audio from Ciaran McAuley, Amir Hussain, Chris Metcalfe, Sam Jones, Eco, Driftmoon and many others all present and correct.

So climb aboard and ride this summer out in the Grotesque fashion possible!

What’s been making the cut on RAM’s floors over the last 93 days then? Well, frontend he loads the mix with a spirit-filled blend of the melodic and the euphoric. Occupying the latter area are M.I.K.E. Push’s rewire of JES’ ‘People Will Go’ and Stoneface & Terminal’s remix of Mr Sam’s classic ‘Lyteo’. The former? Well just for starters there’s Ciaran McAuley’s ‘Thoughts Become Things’ and Amir Hussain’s ‘Wild Card’. At the midpoint RAM expands the stylistic net wider, encompassing the epic (‘Something About You’ from Liam Wilson), vocal rapture courtesy of Sue McLaren/Andres Sanchez/Jules Porter collab ‘Sands Of Time’ and with RAM’s refurbishment of Derb’s ‘Derbus’, the out-and-out banging.

‘Derbus’ sets the sonic tone well for this season’s guest Grotesque-r, Indecent Noise and the Pole gets straight down to the business of thumping things up! ‘Alosaka’, the latest from Marco V, Indecent’s remix of Mark Norman’s ‘Phantom Manor’, Sneijder’s ‘Outsider’ and ‘Patt3rns’ from Sam Jones all follow in quick-fire succession. Further in, through Paul Denton’s remix of Ton TB’s ‘Electronic Malfunction’ and Mark Sherry rebuild of Megamind’s ‘Taub’, Alexsander tips his hat to some of the classics. Having delved into his own trove with recent Indecencies like ‘Dolores and Tech Noir, he finishes on an anthems high with Omar Sherif’s spin on Yahel & Eyal Barkan’s Voyage and Niko Zografos’ take on Midway’s ‘Cobra’.

Your trance summer niftily sewn up into two killer mixes, you can order ‘Grotesque Essentials’ Summer 2017 Edition’ here

Mix 1 – RAM
01 JES – People Will Go (M.I.K.E. Push Remix)
02 Natalie Gioia & Dan Thompson – Be In Love
03 Allan Morrow & 2nd Phase – FOAB
04 Mark Norman – Phantom Manor (Indecent Noise Remix)
05 Mr Sam – Lyteo (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
06 Ciaran McAuley – Thoughts Become Things
07 Amir Hussain – Wild Card
08 Chris Metcalfe & Mike Sanders – Right Here, Right Now
09 Liam Wilson – Something About You
10 Alan Morris & Daniel Skyver – Herculean
11 Andres Sanchez & Jules Porter vs. Sue McLaren – Sands Of Time
12 Exouler – Era
13 Alex Ryan – Lahore
14 James Kiedis & Peter Steele – Machina
15 Derb – Derbus (RAM’s Refurbised Fusion Remix )

MIX 2 – Indecent Noise
01 Marco V – Alosaka
02 Mark Norman – Phantom Manor (Indecent Noise Remix)
03 Sneijder – Outsider (Lostly Remix)
04 Sam Jones – Patt3rns
05 Allen Watts – Generator
06 Indecent Noise – Dolores
07 Kriess Guyte – Singularity
08 Ton TB – Electronic Malfunction (Paul Denton Remix)
09 Megamind – Taub (Mark Sherry Remix)
10 Mark Sherry – Music Of The Earth
11 Indecent Noise – Tech Noir
12 Maximal – From The Past
13 Eco & Driftmoon – Trust In The Wind (Driftmoon Rework)
14 Solarstone & Meredith Call – I Found You (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
15 Max Graham & Neev Kennedy – Guiding Light (James Dymond Remix)
16 EverLight feat. Emma Chatt – Stronger (A.R.D.I.Remix)
17 Maria Healy – Desiderata (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
18 Yahel & Eyal Barkan – Voyage (Omar Sherif Remix)
19 Midway – Cobra (Niko Zografos Remix)




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