Milosh K – Voice Of The Soul

Milosh K makes his debut on Trancespired Recording’s and the talented Slovakian producer brings the beautifully melodic crowd pleaser, “Voice Of The Soul”. A melody-drenched atmospheric powerhouse with a stunning breakdown fusing violins with pads of pure emotion. The drop, when it finally comes, raises your emotion levels higher still with that wonderful lead melody. A perfect example of wonderful, melodic, uplifting trance. For remix duties we turn to Alex Shevchenko who has already given us a superb remix for a past release and is back once more to take “Voice Of The Soul” into the more energetic & driving realm. Alex keeps the track in a highly melodic fashion but lights a fire underneath it and adds some wonderful extra touches with piano work and added FX. Alex’s break is also something that will impress as it builds you up for one almighty drop. So, to wrap it up, a simply stunning release in two distinct flavours which we are sure will lift the spirits of all who hear it..

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