Markus Schulz, London Thor & Valentino Alessandrini – Feel Alive

From its artistic ensemble, the who’s-doing-what on ‘Feel Alive’ may not be quite as straightforward as first appears. Markus certainly is in the studio engine room, structuring a production that embarks with a single piano note and just three minutes later – through bass pulse, synths & symphonics – arrives at its thrillingly exuberant peak.

For her part SoCal-based songstress London Thor gifts the track a vocal that deftly walks the finest of tonal lines. Working its way assuredly from its lament-laced foothill verses, it summits in the emancipating optimism of its chorus. Violinist Valentino Alessandrini meanwhile keeps the track’s feel-keel even, working exacting layers of string-strung-sorrow into its intro & midsection.

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