Kyau & Albert – 20 years the album

Kyau & Albert - 20 years the album

Kyau & Albert - 20 years the albumThey originated as Kyau vs. Albert in an era when the electronic dance music scene was still steadily ascending to its eminence of today. Ralph Kyau and Steven Albert later opted for the easily understood and cohesive-sounding name Kyau & Albert, and after 20+ years of friendship and collaboration this team hasnt missed a beat. Churning out a steady stream of masterly crafted productions and remixes theyve remained dedicated to the integrity of a finished product without compromising quality or quantity. Intertwined dancefloor paradigms mixed with indelible, story-telling ballads they’re now showcasing narrowed-down selections from their impressive and impassioned two-decade catalog with the support from cultured veterans and visionary neophytes. The artistic contributors take Kyau & Albert’s proficiency to another level personalizing their synth pads, steady builds, well-timed drops, discernible basslines, and stirring vocals (often from Steven Albert), allowing fans to revisit, and once again appreciate, the duo’s celebrated and endearing collection.

01 i’m not with you (ping pong remix)
02 are you one of us? (cabriolet paris remix)
03 7skies (solid stone remix)
04 hide & seek (morttagua remix)
05 down (francesco sambero remix)
06 made of sun (sunny lax remix)
07 velvet morning (genix remix)
08 all your colours (ost & meyer remix)
09 megashira with marc marberg (chris schweizer remix)
10 are you fine? (20 years remake)
11 neo love with marc marberg (mino safy remix)
12 painkillers (johnny yono remix)
13 i love you (dimension remix)
14 falling anywhere (20 years remake)
15 always a fool (stoneface & terminal remix)
16 this love (solis & sean truby remix)
17 another time (local heroes remix)
18 be there 4 u (ferry tayle remix)
19 a night like this (cold rush remix)
20 kiksu (the noble six 2016 remix)
21 walk down (ronski speed remix)
22 once in a life (dan stone remix)

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