[Single] Johan Gielen & Peetu S – Manawatu

Johan Gielen & Peetu S - Manawatu

When Gielen and Peetu S find each other, you can count on it to be special. Do you remember when they teamed up for Pianomatic a few years ago under Johan’s Airscape alias? Or what about the unrelenting Festivo they did under their own names just a year after that retrotastic release? With Johan’s iconic uplifting melodies and Peetu S’s driving energy, the combining of two producer veterans is guaranteed to lead to some massive sonic booms. This time, they teamed up to bring you Manawatu, which is cut from a different cloth than their previous collaborations!

The build-up is pretty typical of an uptempo Trancer whilst having hints of the Golden ’98-’03 era courtesy of Gielen’s signature sounds. It’s when the breakdown hits that this track truly draws everyone’s attention. An incredible sad and melancholic arrangement will sweep the hair on your arms skyward, and your arms will most likely follow the same trajectory! Yes, Manawatu brings to mind a familiar era that feels at once close but is, in reality, a decade behind us: it has the same effervescent aura that modern Classics Walking The Edge and Healesville Sanctuary had as well. The type of Trancer that the likes of an Armin van Buuren can drop halfway during an Armin Only show as he calls to the crowd to raise their phones in unison, and wave them like flash lights… All the while as the laser lights fade from the venue and only thousands of tiny lights can be seen whilst heartfelt cheering and whistling can be heard during an emotional breakdown that strikes every true Trance fanatic in the heart… This is why we love our genre so much and why we cherish veterans like these two masterminds. This is what it’s all about!

Exotic as its name might be, its content feels “close to home”, blending an older Classic feeling with a newer Classic feeling to bring you an all-out emotional ride… They’ve done it again, dear friends… ;)

Get your copy here: hcr.lnk.to/HCR355fa

Johan Gielen & Peetu S - Manawatu


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