[WIN] In Search Of Sunrise 14 mixed by Markus Schulz, Gabriel & Dresden and Andy Moor [Compilation]

In Search Of Sunrise 14 mixed by Markus Schulz, Gabriel & Dresden and Andy Moor [Compilation]

Mkay. You’re having a decent summer. Things are fine. The weather’s playing ball (mostly), your vacation’s edging closer and you‘ve some fest tickets stashed. Something summer though ‘aint quite right and you’ve not been able to put your finger on it. We think we’ve got the answer: it’s the search for ‘In Search Of Sunrise’. Yes, that perennial starting-shot for hot-season, its categorical GO! moment has been MIA for several years and things, frankly ‘aint been right since!

Well call off the search, the Big Kahuna of all trance compilations, (the one that MIXMAG no less hailed “the greatest trance series of them all!’) is on the comeback track. And it’s had a bit of a refit!

Following the mix tenures of Tiësto and Richard Durand, series guardians Black Hole have shaken up its system and retooled the ISOS DJ dynamic. They’ve secured the services of three spinners whose credentials in the realms of sunrise soundscaping are beyond question. Markus Schulz, Gabriel & Dresden and Andy Moor have all picked up the ISOS mix mantle and have each embarked on their own forays for sunrays. Cumulatively this has resulted in an album that draws on the music of many a mainstay – Above & Beyond, Dakota, Cosmic Gate, Solarstone, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold and Aly & Fila among them. Naturally this is assimilated into much of the DJs own studioware (often exclusively) to deliver you an immaculate break-o’dawn, summer summarising soundtrack.

We’ve all been there, and many times over. That singular moment when, for the first time, the sky above the party lightens, the DJ catches its thematic thermal and you have element & music in perfect synch. There are few feelings to beat it and encapsulating that alchemy has been the unending quest of ‘In Search Of Sunrise’.

First to make his pitch is a genre polymath for whom no trance discipline is beyond mastery. Markus Schulz begins his quest with the translucent ‘Hymn of the Replicant’ – an exclusive overture born of recent studio sessions with Jam El Mar. From there it cruises on to Above & Beyond & Justine Suissa’s ‘Cold Feet’, lifts again with ‘Something About You’ (his Dakota pairing with Arkham Knights), before marking its median through Solarstone’s homage to ‘Midsummer Nights’. Travelling onwards it hypnotises with the mantra of Corsten x Oakie collab ‘A Slice Of Heaven’, before delivering new perspectives (from Johan Gielen and Elevation) on Schulz/Suissa classic ‘Perception’ and Moogwai’s ‘Viola’.

Like ISOS itself, Gabriel & Dresden have done their own fair share of rematerializing of late. Josh & Dave transition darkness to light through the likes of Naden’s epic ‘Submersion’, the ethereal vocalism of Eelke Kleijn’s ‘Home’, elegiac elegance formed by Lucas Rossi’s ‘A Part of Myself’ and Estiva’s sonorous ‘Space Dust’. Denoting daybreak, the pair brilliantly sequence a run of their own material. Their recent G&D reworks of Dirty South’s haunting ‘If It All Stops’ and Above & Beyond’s ‘Is It Love?’ prefaces their most recent single ‘Over Oceans’ and Cosmic Gate’s exceptional revision of ‘Only Road’.

Our final mixing debutante (for 2018) is Andy Moor, who begins his expedition with Paul Thomas’ chilling of Aly & Fila/Scott Bond/Charlie Walker collab ‘Shadow’. He progresses mix matters with Stoneface & Terminal’s cyanic take on Thrillseekers’ ‘In These Arms’ and Omnia’s sun channeling rework of Lange & Sarah Howells’ ‘Out Of The Sky’. Contrasting remixed anthems with classics in the making, he feeds Airbase’s lavish ‘Vermillion’, the symphonic ‘Beacon’ from Mike Saint-Jules and Andy’s Becky Jean Williams team-up ‘The Real You’ into its system. Seeing this sunrise to its ultimate zenith, he builds comp-exclusive versions of ‘Proteus’ and ‘Bioluminescence’ from Neptune Project in, before delivering its astounding coup de grace, the ‘Broken Wings’ inspired ‘Supernal’ from Supernal.

ISOS:14 is not ‘DJs delivering their “takes” or “interpretations” on the originally-modelled-by-Tiësto sound’. This is the real deal – a wholehearted connection, direct to its original vision.
‘Sunrise’ dawns again June 29.


Mix 1 – Markus Schulz
01 Markus Schulz & Jam El Mar – Hymn of the Replicant
02 Ben Böhmer – After Earth
03 Pavel Khvaleev – Rainbow
04 Above & Beyond featuring Justine Suissa – Cold Feet
05 Dylhen – Illuminate
06 Markus Schulz presents Dakota vs Arkham Knights – Something About You
07 Dave Neven presents Ocata – Travelling
08 Anske – The Light In You
09 Hazem Beltagui – You Before Me
10 Solarstone – Midsummer Nights
11 The Thrillseekers presents Hydra – Affinity 2018
12 Ferry Corsten & Paul Oakenfold – A Slice Of Heaven
13 Markus Schulz & Emma Hewitt – Safe From Harm (Markus Schulz In Bloom Mix)
14 Dennis Sheperd & Bjorn Akesson – Memoria
15 Markus Schulz featuring Justine Suissa – Perception (Johan Gielen Remix)
16 Arkham Knights – Into the Fire
17 Moogwai – Viola (Elevation Remix)
18 Markus Schulz & Adina Butar – Breathe Me to Life

Mix 2 – Gabriel & Dresden
01 Naden – Submersion
02 Eelke Kleijn – Home
03 Lucas Rossi – A Part of Myself
04 Cioz featuring Collopio – Fury
05 Estiva – Space Dust
06 Gabriel & Dresden featuring Jan Burton – Underwater (Tinlicker Remix)
07 Dirty South – Night Walks
08 MRMNT – Pause
09 Dirty South featuring ANIMA! – If It All Stops (Gabriel & Dresden Re-Rub)
10 ADNT – From Now On (Max Cue Remix)
11 Above & Beyond – Is It Love? (1001) (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
12 Clint Stewart – Breathe (Timmo Rework)
13 Gabriel & Dresden featuring Josh Gabriel – Over Oceans (Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix)
14 Gabriel & Dresden featuring Sub Teal – Only Road (Cosmic Gate Remix)

Mix 3 – Andy Moor
01 Aly & Fila vs Scott Bond & Charlie Walker – Shadow (Paul Thomas Remix)
02 Clameres – Soundwalker
03 Peter Steele – Zen
04 The Thrillseekers – In These Arms (Stoneface & Terminal pres Gundamea Remix)
05 Lange & Sarah Howells – Out Of The Sky (Omnia Remix)
06 Ariscan – Amberfall
07 Airbase – Vermillion
08 Andy Moor featuring Becky Jean Williams – The Real You
09 Digital Energy – Living the Dream
10 Mike Saint-Jules – Beacon
11 Andy Moor & Alex Ryan – Reflection
12 Neptune Project – Proteus (The Thrillseekers Remix)
13 Neptune Project – Bioluminescence
14 Neil Bamford – They Are There
15 Supernal – Supernal

Get your copy here: isos.choons.at/vol14

In Search Of Sunrise 14 mixed by Markus Schulz, Gabriel & Dresden and Andy Moor [Compilation]




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