Greece 2000 – Greece 2000 (Remixes)

Greece 2000 - Greece 2000 (Remixes)

Next up on Solar Storm they revisit one of the all-time trance top moments, Greece 2000. Working with the Hooj Choons crew – who were such a big part of the success of the classic – they present three new trance flavoured remixes for your listening pleasure.

First up they clock in with Matt Fax. His productions and remixes for labels such as Enhanced and Anjuna have propelled this talented Frenchman into the big leagues. His remix is a progressive low-slung groover. Warbling gut-busting basses, darting keys and that all important Greece 2000 riff in crescendo.

UK based Genix takes things on a tech-trance tip next with his reworking. His version is all about the pulsing grooves layered in with a multitude of drum and percussion workings. Again the big riff we all know and love so well takes pride of place.

They end the release with a reworking from Episodic. He focuses more on the melodic elements and makes ample use of the classic Greece 2000 sounds (freshly played and reprogrammed for this release). Listen hard enough and you can even hear some string orchestra in there.

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