Emanuele Braveri – Destination Summer

Emanuele Braveri - Destination Summer

Emanuele Braveri - Destination Summer Back in the spring, “Only A Dream” – his quixotic blend of trance & house – marked an impressive first notch for Emanuele Braveri on VANDIT’s discography. Ready to do much the same for sun-season, the Veneto-based producer makes his return this week with the unequivocally titled (and oriented) “Destination Summer”.

Suffice to say, if you’re missing even an ounce of warmth in your life this month, your tonic’s about to be served!

Meticulously constructed, arranged and recounted over six plus minutes, “Destination” weighs anchor with resonating beats and crisp, riding hi-hats. Joined by reverb effected percussion and intense bass, it hints at the production flint lying beneath its beauty.

From there Emanuele develops its textures further with languid pools of pads and thermal chords, before floating it high on long-held, zephyr-like melodies. Deriving yet more emotion from its cinematic piano notes, ‘Summer’s deal is sealed with its sky-kissing mid-drop chime and its post-break fluttering, then flourishing synth lines.

01 Emanuele Braveri – Destination Summer (Original Mix)

Summer summarised, and to the nth degree, experience it for yourself here today.



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