Chris Bekker “Heimat B”

chris bekker heimat bOver the course of the last 18 months, deep in the VANDIT Records’ engine room, something big has been shaking… Through solo releases like ‘Invader’ & ‘Animatic’ and co-productions including ‘Telling Tales’ & ‘Zoundz’ (with Chris Montana and Paul Thomas), Chris Bekker’s studio career has forged a path as quick as its been mighty.

The frontend of 2016 will see these two Berlin-based entities raise the game again, through the release of Chris’ debut long-player. The perfect bellwether for what to musically expect from it, ‘Heimat B’ (out today), is the first official single to be taken from its tracklist.

Chris Bekker’s new single, ‘Heimat B’, incl Ben Nicky Remix through Beatport here! ,

Check ‘Heimat B’ out via VANDIT’s SoundCloud here:

Standing just out of reach of established electronic music classifications, ‘Heimat B’ captivatingly lies in the nexus hinterland between house, trance and progressive. Flush with atmosphere, rich in imagination and thematically moody & cinematic in tone, ‘Heimat B’ will grip your floor from start to finish, first bar till last.

Through one of his typically forceful reworks, fellow VANDIT quartermaster Ben Nicky puts ‘Heimat B’ squarely between his trance crosshairs. Pulling the trigger on a combusting mixture of hefty bass, meaty drums and pitch elevation, his interpretation is pure turbine trance for floor-hardy souls!

NB: Heimat (pronounced [ˈhaɪmat]), lest your curiosity was piqued, “is a German word with no English equivalent. It denotes the relationship of a human being toward a certain spatial social unit. The term forms a contrast to social alienation and usually carries positive connotations. It is often expressed with terms such as home or homeland.” So now you know!

01: Heimat B (Original Mix)
02: Heimat B (Ben Nicky Remix)

[title]Statement by Paul van Dyk[/title]
Chris Bekker is a one in particular, I think; someone you should really keep an eye on. I’ve released a lot of his music through VANDIT over the last 2 years and he’s a guy who started strong and gets ever more impressive with every track. He brings the same energy and excitement to his DJ sets too; I’ve got very high hopes for him for the future. We’re releasing his debut album Berlinition through VANDIT this spring, for which he and I have recorded the title track together.

*Festicket Interview by Joel Robertson

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