Aamos & Miikka Leinonen – rEvolver

Continuing Intonenation Axiom’s run of notable collaborations is Finnish trance cohorts Aamos & Miikka Leinonen, setting their sights high with a new progressive offering called rEvolver. This dynamic duo has brought back the feel-good, danceable aspect that trance has for too long been missing. rEvolver is as rhythmic as it is melodic, as impulsive as it is informed, and it can’t wait to liberate. Centered around a massive, infectious melodic drop that will animate even the most reluctant party people, rEvolver looks set to bring its own unique redemption to trance fans everywhere.

So pull the trigger now with rEvolver, and see if you can’t feel the freedom!

Get your copy here: beatport.com/release/revolver/3080210

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