Leroy Moreno – Eternal Now

Leroy Moreno - Eternal Now

Leroy Moreno - Eternal NowLeroy Moreno’s far from your average Lone Star statesmen. He doesn’t ride horses, has only a passing interest in the oil business, doesn’t own a pick up and hardly ever says ‘y’all’. He is though a trance producer with a determined fire in his studio belly and the ever-expanding catalogue to match it.

Cited in DJ Mag by none other than VANDIT boss Paul van Dyk as “one of the breakthrough DJ/producers of 2016”, the last six months alone have seen him deliver ‘Lux’, ‘Celestia’ and – as of today – ‘Eternal Now’.

Leroy Moreno – ‘Eternal Now’ available through Beatport here

They say, “you don’t mess with Texas” and here’s comes proof most irrefutable! ‘Eternal Now’s fabricated from exactly the same type of provocative tempos, forthright bass, white lightning synths and tight-as-you-like production that made the floors roar for ‘Lux’ and ‘Celestia’. Add a breakdown that mines the deepest seams of emotion, some enchanting female harmonics and a positively Krakatoan conclusion and know this one’s only going one way!

01: Eternal Now (Original Mix)

More about the artist: Texan born & bred Leroy Moreno was reared on a sonic diet of pure Paul van Dyk and Armin van Buuren, with healthy sized sides of Oakie & early Tiesto. End result: the man from the Lone Star state is now as trance as they come!

Determinedly, Leroy bought his first synth while still in high school. Despite no formal training, by the time he’d hit college he’d mastered it, a bank of other equipment besides and working on little more than instinct and creativity began producing demos. ‘Lux’ was the first of Leroy’s studio endeavors that (he felt) had the polish and quality to put out into the public domain. Snapping it up within hours of locking ears to it, Paul van Dyk’s VANDIT Recordings were inclined to agree.

Leroy is now set on writing (and producing!) himself into trance’s history books.


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