18.01.2020 Nocturnal Animals pres. Essence of Trance – 25 years of RAM!, Amsterdam (NL)

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18.01.2020 Nocturnal Animals pres. Essence of Trance – 25 years of RAM!, Amsterdam (NL)

Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)
11:30 pm

Nocturnal Animals pres. “Essence of Trance” 25 years of RAM!Amsterdam-based Dj/Producer RAM has been active in the Dance scene for 25 years. To celebrate this in style, he has done everything in his power to tick the box of his number 1 Bucketlist item. “His very own show in the legenary poptemple Paradiso – Amsterdam.” And it’s going to happen on Saturday, January 18, 2020!

Earlier this year, RAM launched his Essence of Trance concept in Paradiso’s – let’s say – little sister venue; Paradiso-Noord. Although his party turned out to be one of the best Dutch Indoor Trance parties this year, the idea of his celebration in the bigger Paradiso was already in his mind and on the shelf for a couple of years. Waiting for this moment to give weight to his 25th anniversary. To make this an unforgettable evening, RAM will conjure up the very best Trance gems from the past 25 years.

From Trance Buddha (1995) to Nocturnal Animals (2020) – what a road trip!
A quarter of a century filled with so many musical highlights. Starting off his career being part of the dynamic duo Bas&RAM. Recruited by ID&T and Q-Dance, resulting in performances at mega shows like Sensation, Trance Energy and Qlimax. Countless club nights throughout The Netherlands made him establish his name in the Dutch scene. Being part of Grotesque brought him various successes too and of course, his own album Forever Love and dozens of own productions created a well-deserved breakthrough on international scale. Then, suddenly you wake up and see the year 2020 coming. Knowing that you will present your very own one-man show in the legendary Paradiso – Amsterdam to celebrate those crazy 25 years. It’s like a dream, right!? Not for RAM, it’s his life, his reality and he likes to see you on this celebration!

What to expect?
RAMs ‘Essence of Trance’ is not about the so often played Classics, but about the less commercial, more emotional & beautiful Trance in which you can completely lose yourself on the dance floor. The essence of Trance right? It is exactly this emotion that RAM likes to extract from you while showing his essence. To deliver you goosebumps all over your body, to see wonderful smiles appear in the audience and maybe even get you a little misty during a sensory breakdown. All these kind of emotions are part of Trance music and will come together in this unique journey in Paradiso – Amsterdam during his 25-year anniversary. RAM delivers a five-hour set that starts at 0:00 AM and lasts until 5:00 AM.


Tickets are nevertheless well priced, because for € 26.50 (incl. The mandatory membership of Paradiso) you are with us celebrating RAM’s anniversary!


Weteringschans 6-8
1017SG Amsterdam


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