11.08.2018 Synergy @ Street Parade & Afterparty, Zurich (CH)

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11.08.2018 Synergy @ Street Parade & Afterparty, Zurich (CH)

Zurich, Switzerland
Alte Kaserne, Zurich (CH)
01:00 pm

11.08.2018 Synergy Street Parade, ZurichSYNERGY Events takes you to WONDERLAND at the 2018 Street Parade.

Dive in and be a part of the fascinating fantasy and fable world, either on the truck or in midst of the crowd dancing around the Lake of Zurich bay to the sounds of our extraordinary world class DJs Liquid Soul, Sean Tyas, Darren Porter, Madwave, Ferry Tayle and ANDY!

For the 6th time in a row, SYNERGY Events makes sure that we can experience an inimitable journey together, celebrating the passion for Trance – the music we all love and live – with screams of joy, dancing wildly and with our hands in the air until we get that goosebumpy feeling that overcomes our body and puts a spell on us.

Let’s meet en route at the world’s biggest music gathering everyone envies us for: the Street Parade.

But that’s not all! The SYNERGY Afterparty at the “Alte Kaserne” in the Center of Zurich will open its doors at 10pm so we can party on all night long!

Line Up

Liquid Soul (CH)
Sean Tyas (USA/CH)
Darren Porter (UK)
Ferry Tayle (F)
Madwave (CH)

Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/416051055513703

Tickets: synergy-events.ch/streetparade

11.08.2018 Synergy Afterparty, Zurich wide‘After Party’ @ Alte Kaserne, Zurich

Following the mystical ride on the Wonderland Love-Mobile at the Zurich Street Parade on 11 August, with Liquid Soul (mixer of the official Street Parade 2018 Psy-Trance CD-compilation), SYNERGY Events invites you to continue the saga at a mythical after party taking place at the jinxed and infamous “Alte Kaserne” in the heart of the City of Zurich. Doors will open at 10pm – hosted by not less than 8 DJs – including 5 international guests who will delight all Trance fans until its closing at 8am.

The sensational and exquisite line-up includes magicians, druids and elves… uhm sorry… artists from the UK, France, an American living in Switzerland and the local SYNERGY crew.

UKs one and only Trance legend and “Pure Trance” label boss Solarstone will do the honor with an exceptional Stop-over in Switzerland as the main act of the night. Magic storytelling is guaranteed!

Fellow countrymen Darren Porter and Adam Ellis, both performing at this year’s “Luminosity Beach Festival” in the Netherlands, are extraordinary talents and firm names in the international Trance scene and will scatter their imaginative and colorful Trance stardust into the crowd.

American born and raised, nowadays Swiss based Sean Tyas (mixer of the Street Parade 2017 Trance CD) wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to play his degenerate sounds again for the Synergy crowd. Known for his driving diversified sets blending and mashing up different styles within the Trance genre, Sean is one of the most successful producers and a well respected and sought-after artist worlwide.

The “French Magician”, also known as Ferry Tayle will captivate us once again with an imagination tickling set filled with magic and enchantment. Board his broom and be aware of his magic wand that will charm you into wonderland.

Last but not least, there’s no fairy-tale without elves and druids!! Madwave, one of the pillars of the Swiss Trance scene with an ever-growin reputation and success will tell his own mysterious story accompanied by Zurich’s friendly wizard Anyken as well as Synergy first-timer Dave Zee coming from a fabled and far far-away land known as Cider-India.

We expect this event to be sold out in no time thus make sure to save your tickets NOW!! Buy it online from ticketino.com.


Line Up

Solarstone (UK)
Sean Tyas (USA/CH)
Darren Porter (UK)
Madwave (CH)
Adam Ellis (UK)
Ferry Tayle (F)
Anyken (CH)
Dave Zee (CH)

Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/213344192797030

Tickets: synergy-events.ch/streetparade