Key4050 – Gianfranco

Key4050 – Gianfranco
Release date
08 April 2019
Key4050 – Gianfranco
08 April 2019 |

Since Key4050 first addressed crowds at 2017’s Dreamstate SoCal, John O’Callaghan & Bryan Kearney’s horde of purpose-built, set-exclusive material has been locked up tighter than Fort Knox.

The Key4050 sound is unique. It is a sound steeped in history, a symphonic fusion of musical memories, heavily influenced by O’Callaghan & Kearney’s clubbing experiences.

Kearnage is delighted to have a previously unreleased track from Key4050 as our next single.

Gianfranco is a tribal tech trance monster, guaranteed to cause destruction on dance floors across the globe.

Tales From The Temple, the debut album from Key4050 is out now on Black Hole Recordings.