Jochen Miller & Rebourne – Revenge (Jochen Miller’s Festival Mix)

Jochen Miller & Rebourne – Revenge (Jochen Miller’s Festival Mix)
Release date
11 June 2018
Jochen Miller, Rebourne, Jochen Miller
Jochen Miller & Rebourne – Revenge (Jochen Miller’s Festival Mix)
11 June 2018 |

What could possibly be sweeter than getting one’s revenge? How about a roof-raising, peak-time festival dish called “Revenge”, one that oozes a certain famous Bigroom Chef’s Festival Mix dressing all over your speakers?? That’s right folks, it’s Miller Time once more! Jochen returns to High Contrast with another tasty collaboration, for all your hands-in-the-air needs.

You might feel a whiff of nostalgia as this one starts playing: the sounds present in the build-up hark back to Jochen’s sound at the turn of this decade, most notably his remix for “Kofola”, his collab “Rotunda” with Markus Schulz and his self-explanatory cracker “One Day”. There is quite nothing like a main lead tease in the early phase of a track, and this main lead screams Classic Tech Euphoria! After an energetic build-up phase with signature synth stabs and teases, a charged snare-roll climax explodes and leaves us with a catchy, memorable melody that slowly intensifies into a stadium size anthemic beast. Once beat and riff are combined, we dare you to sit still and NOT bust a move to this infectious Trancer! A reprise soon follows where harmonious chords greet you and awaken a bitter sweet nostalgia to those good old days gone by so swiftly… Notice that subtle piano bit, added for extra emotional gravity. As the main lead shouts, another drop follows and when a melody is this good, you can only smile and fully give into it, dance your worries way!

Phew! It should be forbidden for any type of Revenge to be THIS sweet… Dare we say this is Miller’s finest yet since his return to the High Contrast family?? We’ll let you be the judge.