COLD – Trance Power (Trance Army Anthem)

COLD – Trance Power (Trance Army Anthem)
Release date
05 April 2019
C.O.L.D., Kris Clark
COLD – Trance Power (Trance Army Anthem)
05 April 2019 |

German production duo COLD make their Altered Reality Records debut with their new single, Trance Power (Trance Army Anthem). Joined on remix duties by Scottish DJ & Producer, Kris Clark, Trance Power is a nod to the simpler uplifting sounds of the past. The original mix is exactly the type of production we’ve come to expect from C.O.L.D. – tough rhythms joined by beautiful synth work, punctuated by distorted acid stabs in just the right places accompanied by the beautiful voice of Spanish DJ & Vocalist, Stimeless.

Kris Clark puts his own touch on things, while keeping the feel and atmosphere of the original mix intact. Stuttering synth stabs start things off before giving way to melodic pads in a simple yet effective breakdown. When the stuttering synths drop back in playing the main melody, what was a driving tech-trance is transformed into an uplifting euphoric number, sure to set dancefloors off.