Rielism pres. GoRiel remix competition

Rielism pres. GoRiel remix competition


June 14th, 2017

Rielism pres GoRiel remix competitionAs you will all know, part of the ethos behind the Rielism label is to provide a platform for talented artists and up-and-coming producers, which is why they have decided to launch a remix competition.

This is your opportunity to create your own interpretation of their very first release, Giuseppe Ottaviani + Sied van Riel GoRiel, and have it released on Rielism.

BEFORE you download the remix pack, please read all of the rules carefully.


Please read the rules below. By downloading and/or entering the GoRiel remix competition, you agree to all of the terms listed below.

1. Rielism is a Trance label, therefore we must remind you to Keep It Riel. That means Trance Only! Thank you please.
2. Stems, samples and midi files provided remain the copyright of Rielism and must not be used in any other production without express written permission from the label. By downloading and/or entering this competition, you agree to these terms. If you decide to rip us off they will go Schwarzenegger on you! In other words, you better get to ze chopper and get down arghhh! You won’t be back!
3. The entrant must submit their remix via a private Soundcloud link (with downloads enabled), WeTransfer, Sendspace or Dropbox to with “GoRiel Remix Competition” as the subject title. Do not send them selfies or pictures of your pet. We all know that Sied loves dogs, but let’s not distract him and Giuseppe from judging, okay?!
4. Sharing your remix publicly online or offline is prohibited and will result in disqualification. This includes sharing your remix after the winners have been announced. If you’re disqualified you will have to stand in the corner of the room on 1 leg and bark twice every time the clock strikes on the hour for 5 consecutive hours.
5. Entries must be submitted by 13th July 2017. They will not consider any submissions received after the deadline.
6. Winning entry will be decided by Giuseppe Ottaviani and Sied van Riel. Winner will be notified by email by 20th July 2017. Winners will be announced on their Facebook page. Please like and follow the Rielism page to be kept up-to-date.
7. Your track doesn’t have to be mastered to enter the competition, but it is preferred, even if it’s a temporary master.
8. Have fun and Keep it Riel!!

Original Mix:
Download remix pack: or


Rielism is a record label, club events night and radio show founded by legendary Dutch DJ & Producer Sied van Riel. After the release of his first compilation "In Riel Time", as well as hosting "In Riel Time" events all over the world including Sensation White and various clubs nights, Sied decided that it was time to come up with a new concept that would create opportunities for upcoming talents, as well as his own releases. In 2015 a collaboration between Sied & Giuseppe Ottaviani kick-started Rielism as a record label, which received a positive critical reception. A label that falls under the wings of Black Hole Recordings, which also releases the Rielism compilation album series. Rielism's goal is to contribute to the global Trance scene and to create opportunities for talents to showcase their music to a wide audience worldwide. Demos: General enquiries:
Rielism14 hours ago
We're very excited to present to you the absolutely stunning theme song for Rielism presents Misja Helsloot!

Misja Helsloot - Fluid. 02.10.2017

#Trance #Rielism #MisjaHelsloot #Fluid #Theme #Anthem #RielismPresentsMisjaHelsloot #Uplifting #TranceFamily
Rielism is with Black Hole Recordings and 2 others.16 hours ago
As featured on Rielism Four and in Sied van Riel's Luminosity Beach Festival main stage set, the incredible debut on Rielism from Type 41 is finally here!

Ascension is available here:

#Trance #Rielism #Uplifting #Type41 #Ascension #RielismFour #LBF17 #TranceFamily
Rielism updated their cover photo.2 days ago
Download or Stream:

We welcome Type 41 to Rielism with the aptly titled 'Ascension', as featured on the Rielism Four album and in Sied van Riel's Luminosity Beach Festival main stage set.

"This, to me, is trance at its best. Everything about this track is perfection and shows why this guy is a genius at creating music. Storytelling like only few can." - Sied van Riel.

Alongside the extended mix, Belgian/Dutch duo XiJaro & Pitch have provided us with an excellent remix. Keeping the themes and essence of the original mix intact, their remix of Ascension adds their magic touch to the track, complimenting the package perfectly.

Expect to see a lot more from both Type 41 and XiJaro & Pitch on Rielism in the future!

#Trance #Rielism #Uplifting #Ascension #Type41 #TranceFamily #RielismFour #XiJaroPitch
Rielism2 days ago
Ready to go on a journey?

Type 41's stunning tune ‘Ascension’ is OUT NOW on Rielism! Including a huge remix by XiJaro & Pitch!

#Trance #Rielism #Ascension #TranceFamily #Uplifting #Type41 #XijaroPitch
Rielism is with Black Hole Recordings and 4 others.4 days ago
Stunning remix from XiJaro & Pitch of Type 41's Ascension.

Out on Monday!
Rielism is with Black Hole Recordings and 2 others.5 days ago
What a tuuuuune by Type 41!

'Ascension' is out on Monday.

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