17.06.2017 Grotesque Music Night, Amsterdam (NL)

17.06.2017 Grotesque Music Night, Amsterdam (NL)

  • Location:Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Venue:Undercurrent, Amsterdam (NL)
  • Length:2017/06/17 21:00

17.06.2017 Grotesque Music Night, Amsterdam

Amsterdam – Everyone knows.. The Trance genre is growing again and so are the amount of trance parties in Holland.. Especially in the month of April. For that reason Grotesque can’t guarantee an event on the same level that you are used too.Grotesque Music Night at Warehouse Elementenstraat in Amsterdam will move to Saturday June 17th  and also offering a brand new line-up!

On Saturday June 17th, music will be the key. With long sets of at least 1,5 hours per DJ, the trance crowd will be dancing to the sounds of Alex M.O.R.P.H., Coming Soon, Arctic Moon, Artento Divini, Marc den Heijer and more. At the industrial setting of Warehouse Elementenstraat, Grotesque will bring an ode to the oldskool, underground feel.

The Indoor Festival 250 in the Maassilo last December, which was voted the number 2 festival of the Benelux in Partyscene’s Festivalchart Awards, is still etched in our memory. But Grotesque always loves to look ahead and preparations for the Music Night are in full effect. At Indoor Festival 250, entertainment and show were an important part of the event, but with Music Night it’s all about experiencing the music – as it were at the Amsterdam dance raves of twenty years ago.

Line Up

Alex M.O.R.P.H.
Coming Soon
Arctic Moon
Artento Divini
Marc den Heijer

Papaverweg 265, 1032 KJ Amsterdam

A limited 250 Earlybird tickets of €26,50 are available.
For more info, check the website: https://ptevents.nl

People who’ve already bought their tickets to the Grotesque Music Night can keep the same one to enter on June 17th. People who wish to return it, can do so before March 30th. Send an email with the barcodes to info@ptevents.nl Those who wish to go clubbing that weekend in April, are invited to use this ticket to enter at Friday April 21st for the Roger Sanchez presents “Undr the Radr’ Night, also at the Warehouse Elementenstraat – more info about this you will find at www.rogersanchezpresents.com

Tickets for Grotesque Music Night are available here.


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